Halloween Party Ideas

These are some of the Halloween treats I’ve made over the past few years. Sorry about some of the poor picture quality. Most of them are probably self explanatory but feel free to ask any questions about them in the comments.

Pumpkin Cake:

Bake 2 bundt cakes and stack on top of each other. Frost with orange frosting using a spatula. Frost an ice cream cone with green icing. Put it in the freezer till the icing hardens for easier handling. Add to the top of the cake.


Veggie Cat:

Arrange vegetables to create a skeleton cat and serve with dip in a bowl as the head.


Cat Cake:

Cut out shapes from round cakes to form cat figure. Decorate with star icing tip

downsized_0408011654 (2)

Chocolate sandwich cookies with orange fillingDSC_0006 (2)

Oreo sandwich cakes decorated with fondant and sprinkles


Mummy Cupcakes:

Frost cupcakes with a thin layer of white icing. Place 2 M&Ms for eyes. Use a flat piping tip to frost mummy bandages onto the cupcakes. Use 2 dots of black icing to make the pupils of the eyes.


Ghost Cupcakes:

Cut a small round piece of fondant. Fold the round piece over a small ball of fondant to create the ghost form. Decorate the face with black icing and place on the cupcakes


Cauldron Cupcakes


Frankenstein Monster Cupcakes:

Dip a marshmallow into corn syrup. Coat in sides in green sprinkles and the top in black sprinkles. Draw on faces with black and white icing


Spiderweb Cupcakes:

Frost cupcakes with white icing. Make concentric rings with black icing and use a toothpick to drag through the rings from the center to the outside to create the spiderweb pattern


Eyeball Cupcakes:

Frost cupcakes with white icing. Use a gummy lifesaver candy and a drop of black icing for the eye. Use red gel icing to create the lines


Grave Cupcakes:

Mold small piece of grey fondant into a headstone shape (or use a small cookie). Either let it dry out over a few days or cook briefly in the oven to dry out. Draw on the headstone with fondant. Use crumbled oreo cookies to look like loose dirt


Skull and Crossbones Cupcakes:

Mold fondant into skull and crossbones shapes. Darken eye sockets with black food coloring.


Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes:

Mold fondant into pumpkin shape. Pipe grass using grass or star icing tip.


Orange and Black Cupcakes:

Use dark cake mix and light cake mix (dyed orange with food coloring) to make festive halloween cupcakes. Recommended flavor, chocolate and orange cakes.


Pumpkin Pie Bites:

Mix pumpkin pie mix as directed. Cut small circles of pie crust and put into mini cupcake tin. Fill crusts with pie mix and bake for less time than a full pie. Use icing or pie mix dyed darker to create faces.


Candy Corn Sugar Cookies:

Mix sugar cookie dough. Dye 1/3rd yellow and another 1/3rd orange. Stack the 3 colors into layers and cut out triangular candy corn shapes before baking.


Mummy Pigs in a Blanket:

Instead of wrapping the mini hot dogs with crescent dough the normal way, wrap them around so they look like mummies and draw eyes on with mustard

DSC_0323 (2) DSC_0327 (2)

Bat Cakes:

Cut bat wings out of round cakes. Make smaller round cake for bat head. Decorate faces using red and white icing.

Cut bat wings out of round cakes. Make smaller round cake for bat head. Decorate faces using red and white icing.

DSC_0328 (2)

Candy Corn Cheese on Crackers

DSC_0336 (2)

White Chocolate Pretzel Spider Webs:

Arrange pretzels into star shape. Put a dot of melted white chocolate in the middle to hold the pretzels together. Pipe melted white chocolate around in a spiral onto the pretzels.


Veggie Pumpkins:

Arrange carrots, broccoli, and olives to create jack-o-lantern faces on a large platter


Candy Corn Jello Shot:

Coconut, orange, and pineapple flavored layers


Caramel Apple Jello Shot:

Made with hard apple cider with caramel on top


Deviled Egg Eyes:

Make normal deviled eggs, any recipe. Decorate with stuffed green olives and mustard dyed red to make eyes


Eyeballs and Worms Jello Shots:

coconut rum jello eyes or lychee eyes and gummy worms in strawberry and peach shnapps clear shots.


Glowing Shots:

made with tonic which glows under a blacklightDSC_0365

Halloween Deviled Eggs:

Decorate deviled eggs by cutting up olives to look like spiders or decorating them as jack-o-lantern faces


Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats:

Make rice krispie treats. Dye 1/3rd yellow and another 1/3rd orange by mixing the food coloring in when heating the marshmallows. Stack the 3 colors into layers and let cool. Cut out triangular candy corn shapes.


Dipped Pretzel SticksDSC_1682

Halloween Dipped Strawberries:

Dip strawberries in chocolate or white chocolate or colored candy melts to get different colors. Decorate as different Halloween creatures with icing or more melted chocolate.


Halloween Half Moon Cookies:

Make half moon cookies but dye the white part purple or orange to get Halloween colors


Spiderweb Dip:

Make multilayer dip on a plate ending with guacamole as the top layer. Use sour cream to draw concentric rings on top and then drag a knife through the rings to get a spiderweb pattern.

DSC_1694 DSC_1696

Pumpkin Cheeseball:

Mix cheeseball (any recipe, the kind that mix flavors into cream cheese as a base). Roll in crushed orange Doritos. Make a face using cut up olives and use a small pickle for the stem.


Spider Bread Dip Bowl:

Mix bread dough. Form into two larger balls for the body and head and then smaller pieces for the legs. Once baked, cut out the body center to fill with dip and make eyes with cut olives.



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